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Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups started production in Spain in 1958 following founder Eric Bernat’s observation that sweets of the day were too messy for kids. Bernat made Chupa Chups as a sort of “candy on a fork.” The sweet is available in an assortment of flavors in the United States, from chocolate and vanilla, to cola, to lemon lime, there’s a flavor for the kid in everyone. The beautiful, bright, and fun daisy logo was designed by the impeccable surrealist artist Salvador Dali. With the combination of fun colors and exciting tastes, Chupa Chups prides itself on having electrifying and easy set-up displays for shop owners. Ranging from bouquets of Chupa Chups to the classic tube stand with lollipops standing on the lid, Chupa Chups is sure to draw anyone’s eye in a store. Chupa Chups wants to bring happiness to children of all ages, which sometimes even means the child in all of us. Today, Chupa Chups is sold internationally. In 1996, there were about twenty million Chupa Chups consumed worldwide a day. Today, the number keeps growing. With such a large fan base, Chupa Chups reminds everyone to continually not take life too seriously and have fun every once in a while.

Chupa Chups History

Known internationally and a favorite among children everywhere, Chupa Chups offers the most bold and satisfying flavors of any lollipop. Chupa Chups finds its namesake in the Spanish verb, “chupar,” which means “to suck.” The Chupa Chups got their start by Enric Bernat, a third generation candy maker, who realized that children were making a mess with their sweets in the early 1950s. Often kids would put the sweets in their mouths and then take them out to compare with friends or put them in their pockets to hide them from parents. Bernat thought that there must be a cleaner solution, something like a sweet on a fork. This thinking is what brought Bernat to create the lollipop known today as Chupa Chups in 1958. However, the iconic lollipop was not always called Chupa Chups. Originally, Bernat wanted to call it “Gol,” like “goal.” This name imagined the lollipop as a soccer ball and the mouth as a goal post. This name was not selling, so Barnet invited an advertising agency to come in and help rename the lollipops. They chose the name Chups and created an entire campaign to help sell the item. The jingle used to market the confection was so popular that the product changed its name to it, finally landing on the name Chupa Chups.  In 1969, Bernat was complaining to his friend at lunch that he did not like the logo of Chupa Chups. Said friend was none other than highly esteemed surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. Dali took it upon himself to create the best logo for Chupa Chups possible. He eventually landed on the daisy logo that is so recognizable today. Dali was not only talented with canvases, but also product design when he insisted that the logo be placed on the top of the lollipop. By doing this, the full logo is visible at once, rather than appearing on the side. With a variety of flavors to choose from and an iconic look, Chupa Chups have a rich history of fun and youthfulness for everyone.

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