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Meica is Germany’s #1 sausage provider, made only from the most prime cuts of meat and finest spices. The sausages are smoked over beechwood to create the best flavor possible. This also means that they are precooked and ready to eat. They are all USDA certified and certified organic in the European Union. Packaged in jars to ensure freshness, Meica sausages are sure to please. With no flavor enhancers, colorings, or artificial additives, when you eat a Meica sausage you are getting the highest quality possible. They are also gluten free and lactose free. There is an in house quality management system that ensures that all quality standards are met and surpassed.

Meica was founded in 1908 by Fritz Meinen, a master butcher and farmer in Edewecht. Edewecht is recognized for its premium pork and farming techniques. Today, Meica sausages are still produced in Germany. Meica is a midsized, private company that exports to thirty countries; it is also the market leader in Germany. It is still a family operated business with the same core values integrated with latest technology, resulting in a highly controlled production process and quality.

While quality is tested in the factory, it is confirmed by its consumers. Men’s Health Magazine awarded Meica sausages three out of three possible stars in taste, appearance, and texture. Moreover, the sausages all meet IFS standards and EC Eco-Regulations.

Sausages are known as a quintessentially German food. However, sausages have been a food enjoyed by people around the world for centuries. There’s even mention of sausages in Homer’s Odyssey. Today in Germany there are over 1,500 different types of sausages, 41 one of which are Bratwurst. There are three kinds of German sausage: Rohwurst (fresh, smoked sausage); Bruhwurst (boiled sausage), and Kochwurst(pre-cooked sausage). Bruhwurst is made from finely cut meat ("Brat"), spices, and salt with the addition of water and ice. It is hot smoke cured and boiled at medium temperatures. Frankfurters and wieners fall under the Bruhwurst category. Meica sausages enjoy a long history and rich background.

Meica History

Fritz Meinen was the master butcher and farmer in Edewecht, a town in Germany. In 1908 he started his own business, producing sausages. News quickly spread because of the combination of Meinen’s skill and the quality of the products he was using. The news traveled and the Meica brand started to become well known. In 1960, Meica released their first sausages for grocery shelves. They were called “Kleine Khackzarte” and were one of the first branded sausages. As times changed, Meica adapted. 1973 marks the year Meica produced its first beef sausage to fit into Germany’s new eating habits. In 1992, Meica debuted the “Mini Wini” sausage, specially designed for kids with a  milder flavor palette. In 1993, Meica released the Deutschländer sausage, a combination of Germany’s best sausages. It is “as crisp as a weiner, as spicy as a frankfurter, and as delicate as a bockwurst.” This sausage very quickly rose to the top of the markets and became Germany’s most famous sausage. Fritz Meinen created this sausage recipe himself over one hundred years ago. He traveled all throughout Germany, learning different recipes and choosing the best aspects of each. The result is the sausage that is still enjoyed today.

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